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Candy German - German Candy Monthly Subscription Box


Who doesn’t like arriving home to a box of delicious food waiting for them? Candy German is a monthly subscription box where you can have premium German candies sent to your home. Each month Mark and Natascha the owners of Candy German, select 6-8 German confections, such as cookies, marzipan, chocolate, gingerbread, wine gums and bonbons and ship the box filled with sweets out on the 15th of the month.

One month, three month and 6-month subscription plans are available, all of which include free shipping. The basic 1-month plan costs 30 euros, with an extended subscription offering slight savings per month.

Candy German - German Candy Monthly Subscription Box

My Candy German box was a chocolate lover’s delight with plenty of full-sized chocolate bars, along with a package of cookies and gummy bears.

What was in my Candy German box:

  • Schogetten – tiramisu flavored chocolate bar
  • Mika – white chocolate bar
  • Lindt – mango chocolate bar
  • Ritter Sport – cocoa cream chocolate bar
  • Prinzen Rolle – a chocolate cookie
  • Knoppers – chocolate & caramel wafer bar
  • Haribo – tropical gummy bears


Candy German - German Candy Monthly Subscription Box

I was impressed by the quality of the treats found within the box. Instead of many small sample sizes, Candy German offers full-sized chocolate bars or packages of candies allowing you to have more than one bit of each treat. I was a bit surprised to find Lindt chocolates, which are a Swiss Chocolate in my Candy German box, but it was a limited edition flavor sent directly from Germany. All the other treats such as the German Schogetten chocolates were perfection.

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