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Coast To Coast Coffee Unboxing

Coast To Coast is a coffee subscription box that delivers freshly roasted, organic and fair trade coffee within Canada. This flexible subscription box allows you to get weekly, bi-weekly, monthly subscription boxes or you can pay-as-you-go for coffee only you need it. Each shipment is $19.95.

Coast To Coast Coffee Unboxing

When ordering you can select the coffee you want from a wide range of coffees, and the coffee you select will be shipped within 24 hours of roasting so you get the freshest coffee possible.

After selection your coffee you have the option to select if you want the beans sent, or you can select the custom grind type perfect for your coffee machine.

Coast To Coast Coffee Unboxing

Coast To Coast Coffee Unboxing

So far we’ve tried:

Guatemala Buhala – a medium roast coffee with chocolate, walnut and apricot notes

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – a light roast coffee with dark cholate, berry and lemon notes

Papua New Guinea Enorga – a medium/dark roast coffee with bright citrus and cholate notes

Nicaragua Cafe Femenino – a medium coffee with walnut and cholate notes


Coast To Coast Coffee Unboxing

What we love about Coast To Coast coffee is the option to select the sampler pack, in which you are sent 3 types of coffee. For us, this was outstanding, as typically we drink only dark roast or espresso coffee, but by sampling a variety of the Coast To Coast coffees we realized we tried new coffees that we loved. We suggest starting with the sampler until you find the coffee you love, then subscribe to get only your favorite coffee type sent to your home freshly roasted weekly. It is amazing how much better the coffee from Coast To Coast coffee tasted from being freshly roasted.

Out of the 4 types we tried, Nicaragua Cafe Femenino was our favorite but we are eager to try the rest of the blends particularly the darker roasts next time.

Excited to drink better coffee at home? Subscribe to Coast To Coast Coffee today.

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