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Comfort Kits Unboxing

We’ve all been there, where someone we care for is dealing with an extremely difficult time in their life, such as a death in the family. You offer to be there to help or listen, perhaps you bring a casserole to ensure they eat. If you are out of town, supporting your friend or family member while they deal with their grief is even more challenging, as you can’t mail a casserole.

Comfort Kits are a subscription box that is a new way to send condolences. The box focuses on giving food and nourishing the body at a time of loss and extreme stress. The boxes contain practical non-perishable food items, teas, chocolate, simple breathing and stretching exercises.

Comfort Kits are created by Jen Trussel and Hayley Moffatt, two funeral directors who have been working in funeral homes for over a decade. With their knowledge of the loss that comes from a death in the family, they know how people often the last thing a person remembers to do when dealing with a death is to eat. So with this in mind, The Comfort Kit helps to fuel the body through their grief journey.

The Comfort Kit Contains

  • Soup girl soup (makes 8 cups, just add water)
  • Green tea
  • Black tea
  • Protein bars x 2
  • Meal replacement drink
  • Blueberry nougat
  • Coconut chips
  • Electrolyte vitamin C supplements
  • 2 small candies
  • A card with a simple breathing and stretching exercise

Comfort Kits Unboxing Comfort Kits Unboxing Comfort Kits Unboxing  Comfort Kits Unboxing

Comfort Kits Unboxing

If you would like to send a Comfort Kit to someone you know, click here.

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