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Deadbolt Society The Haunting Of Indigo House Unboxing

The Deadbolt Society is an escape room subscription box where you can get the same of experience of doing an escape room with your friends from the comforts of your home. Each box is a stand-alone box with the entire story being solved within that box. The subscription costs $24.99 and there is also the option to buy the one-time purchase boxes (which are previous boxes that were shipped to subscribers).

For our first Deadbolt Society box, we got The Haunting Of Indigo House edition. In this box, you visit Indigo House where Bleak Lily, the original estate owner is said to haunts the house. Over the years several people have died at Indigo House, and although Bleak Lily was never proved to be the cause of death locals still fault her for all the deaths. Recently, Hilda Van Buren, one of the family members who owns Indigo House is found dead in her bed. It is your job to determine if she died from natural causes, was she another casualty of Bleak Lily, or is someone else to blame?

Deadbolt Society The Haunting Of Indigo House Unboxing

In our Deadbolt Society: The Haunting Of Indigo House box we got:

  • Several business cards including one that gives an email to ask for clues
  • A card and flyer about Indigo House
  • A photo with a note
  • Receipt, ticket stubs, and notes
  • A small cross
  • Photos of all the suspects
  • A huge pile of printed papers filled with information
  • 1 envelope with a coded letter

Deadbolt Society The Haunting Of Indigo House UnboxingDeadbolt Society The Haunting Of Indigo House Unboxing  Deadbolt Society The Haunting Of Indigo House Unboxing

Spoiler Free Review Of  The Haunting Of Indigo House

The props within this box are all very simple, with most of the information being found on the printed sheets of paper. Be warned there are LOTS of printed sheets of paper with text to read (23 pages), so if you are doing this box solo give yourself plenty of time to sort through the text.

We found the box a bit slow to start as there is no clear indication of what to solve first, so we tried to divide up all the pages and artifacts within the box to see how to best proceed. It is worth noting you need a phone that can scan QR codes, so make sure you download an app to do so if your phone doesn’t have this function by default as there are several websites that you can only access after scanning the QR codes within the escape box.

We thought this box would be excellent for Halloween or would appeal to anyone who loves stories with the supernatural. For $24.99 it provided our group of 6 people slightly over an hour of entertainment with interesting puzzles to solve to solve the mystery.

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