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Dispatch Marlow’s Game Part 1 unboxing + review

Dispatch Marlow’s Game is a two-part mystery subscription box. As like their other subscription box series On The Run, in Marlow’s Game, you will send a new box each month with more clues and puzzles to solve to further the mystery and story.

If you like escape rooms or puzzle games you’ll enjoy Dispatch Marlow’s Game. The box gives the same experience as an escape room but is played at home. Best of all the game can be played solo or with a small group.

The story in Marlow’s Game is that tech giant and recluse Jacob Marlow announces he has hidden his treasure somewhere in the world. You are one of few people chosen to participate in the hunt for the jewel.

Dispatch Marlow’s Game Part 1 unboxing + review

Spoiler Free Review of Marlow’s Game Part 1

Breakout’s On The Run series was our favorite subscription box of 2018, and we were excited to try Marlow’s Game. Unlike On The Run where you are solving a mystery that takes you across the world, Marlow’s Game is a quirky treasure hunting puzzle. The shorter series, Marlow’s Game has more humor compared to On The Run, and we often found our group laughing while playing.

In Marlow’s Game tech giant Jacob Marlow picks you on the treasure hunt because you interacted on social media when he posted about his beloved cat Sebastian. In this series, EVERYTHING is cat themed which is rather entertaining.

Dispatch Marlow’s Game Part 1 contained


  • Cat’s eye card
  • Letter from Jacob Marlow
  • Note from Peter
  • Fill in the blank
  • Newspaper article
  • Textbook page
  • Code reference sheet
  • Cat painting
  • Hieroglyphics card

Dispatch Marlow’s Game Part 1 unboxing + review  Dispatch Marlow’s Game Part 1 unboxing + reviewDispatch Marlow’s Game Part 1 unboxing + review

To solve the mystery you will need access to the internet to search for answers and progress the story. There are enough different parts to work on that several people can be solving multiple clues at once.

As we have learned to expect with Dispatch subscription boxes everything included in the box, and the online aspects of the game are top notch.

Dispatch Marlow’s Game Part 1 unboxing + review

While we adored the longer series On The Run, Marlow’s Game feels fresh and unique and we enjoy it too. For those who don’t want to commit to 7 months of boxes, Marlow’s Game is nice and short as it finishes in 2 boxes.

Marlow’s Game is perfect who wants to put their logic and detective skills to work to solve a mystery. For only $24.99 (each box) it provides excellent entertainment. We played box 1 with 4 people, and it took us about 1 hour to solve the box. Once you are done the series, you can certainly repackage the clues and lend the game to someone else too.

Interested in trying Marlow’s Game? Subscribe now.

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