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Dispatch On The Run Box 4

On the Run is subscription box series by Dispatch where you need to solve a murder mystery. The subscription box gives the same experience as an escape room, so if you love escape rooms we highly recommend you try On The Run by Dispatch. This series is our favorite escape box of the year (so far) and we can’t praise it enough!

The general story is that your best friend is accused of killing his wife, a wealthy oil heiress. You are to track down your friend and figure out the mystery around the murder. Each month you’ll be sent the next box in the story (there are 7 boxes total) that will further the story. The boxes cost $24.99 and include free shipping.

The series is designed to be played either solo or as a group. It is important to note that in this series you will need access to the internet, and all the content from the previous boxes.

If you haven’t already make sure to read our spoiler-free review of the previous boxes. 


Dispatch On The Run Box 4

Departing Japan, box 4 takes you to Australia. This box contained less impressive props compared to the previous box as box 4 was mainly sheets of paper plus a deck of cards and UV light. Plenty of the puzzles in this box require solving a cipher and using the internet, but there was also more things to solve too. So, in the end, it balanced out.

As in box 3, box 4 will require you to use some items from the previous boxes to solve the mystery.

Box 4 of Dispatch On The Run contained

  • UV light with note
  • Music sheet
  • Coloring sheet
  • Red marker
  • Playing cards
  • Ledger pay with invoice
  • Police reports
  • Medical reports
  • Movie ticket
  • Boomerang card
  • Letter
  • Diary pages

Dispatch On The Run Box 4 Dispatch On The Run Box 4

Dispatch On The Run Box 4

Dispatch On The Run Box 4

We flew through box 4, with it being our fastest box to complete so far.  The main murder mystery story progressed and provided some interesting twists and turns in this box and it left us excited to see what box 5 brings.

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