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Dispatch On The Run Box 5

Dispatch On The Run is a mystery and puzzle subscription box series that gives you the same experience of an escape room but at home.

The general story is that your best friend is accused of killing his wife, a wealthy oil heiress. You are to track down your friend and figure out the mystery around the murder. Each month you will be sent a new box that will further the story by having you solve a series of puzzles where you need to search for clues regarding the murder mystery.

The subscription costs $24.99 a month and includes free shipping, which makes it the same price admission to one person into a regular escape room. One of the aspects we love about Dispatch is the affordable price, for $24.99 while you can play the game solo, it can also be played by a group. We typically play the game with 4 people, but have played some boxes with up to 6 people and everyone was entertained. Plus when you are done with the entire series you can lend it to someone else so they can play it, so it provides excellent value.

If you haven’t already make sure to read our spoiler-free reviews of the previous boxes.


As in box 4, you will need the content of the previous On The Run boxes to solve box 4. So make sure you store all the content from each box. Likewise, as in the previous boxes, you will need access to the internet.

Dispatch On The Run Box 5 contained

  • Security access card
  • Note from guestbook
  • Postcard
  • Mancala game board and stones
  • Letters
  • Hotel door hanger
  • Safari coupon
  • Business card
  • Train ticket
  • Kilimanjaro sticker
  • Takeout menu

Dispatch On The Run Box 5  Dispatch On The Run Box 5 Dispatch On The Run Box 5 Dispatch On The Run Box 5

In box 5 we move from Australia to Tanzania, and the box contained a variety of paper documents as well as a game of Mancala.

Now in the middle of the middle of the series, we found the narrative started to shift so we were finally getting more answers regarding the murder mystery.

Our favorite aspect of box 5 was the high-quality Mancala game with the glass beads. While we weren’t thrilled to have to reuse one of the ciphers from box 4.

As we have stated in previous reviews, Dispatch is our favorite subscription box of 2018. The quality of the props are miles above what is included in similar escape room/mystery subscription boxes, but as a whole, this is the box we get most excited to receive in the mail compared to all our other subscription boxes.

We can’t wait to see how the series wraps up, as everyone we are playing the game with are hooked.

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