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Dispatch On The Run Box 6

Dispatch On The Run is a murder mystery subscription box series that is perfect for anyone loves puzzles and escape rooms. In On The Run your best friend is accused of killing his wife just after their wedding. As the best man, you find yourself drawn into the murder mystery as you try to help your friend.

Each box is $24.99 (with free shipping) and there are 7 boxes in the On The Run series, but Dispatch has other series too.

Each box can be played solo or with a group (an ideal size is 1-6 people).

If you haven’t already make sure to read our spoiler-free review of the previous boxes.


Dispatch On The Run Box 6

Now near the end of the series, box 6 takes you to Greece. Just like the past boxes, you will need access to the internet and the content of the previous boxes to complete this box.

We really liked the content in box 6, in particular, the box art which is simply gorgeous. Inside this box, it was filled with more paper documents, along with a challenging puzzle, and a cute Greek scroll.

Dispatch On The Run Box 6 contained

  • Jigsaw puzzle
  • Greek scroll
  • Letter from Pi
  • Kenken puzzle
  • Fingerprint slide
  • Classified ads
  • Newspaper article
  • Tabloid article
  • Riddle
  • Autopsy report
  • Police reports

Dispatch On The Run Box 6 Dispatch On The Run Box 6  Dispatch On The Run Box 6

As there is only one more box in the series, box 6 is more story focused as we begin to go through the murder suspects to determine who might be guilty.

The clues and puzzles in this box we were done and provide enough challenge to be entertaining without being too difficult. The aspect that took us the longest was simply completing the small puzzle which took a while because most of the pieces are the same color.

With only 1 box left, we can’t wait to see how the story comes to a close. Dispatch has wonderfully kept us hooked from box to box and provided countless hours of entertainment throughout the series.

Try Dispatch On The Run series for yourself. Subscribe now.

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