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Dispatch On The Run Box 7

Dispatch On the Run is subscription box series where you need to solve puzzles and look for clues to solve a murder mystery.

Each month you are sent a new box (each box is $24.99 and includes free shipping), and the On The Run Series is 7 boxes long. The story is your best friend is believed to kill his wife shortly after their wedding, and then he is missing. As you try to find your friend, you are drawn into solving the murder mystery to determine who killed your friend’s wife.

The series can be played solo or with a group (we suggest no more than 6 people but an ideal size is 3-4 people).

If you haven’t already make sure to read our spoiler-free review of the previous boxes.


Dispatch On The Run Box 7

The final box in Dispatch On The Run series we head to Switzerland. For the final month, there was a small piece of chocolate. Yep, we were so excited to discover there was a piece of chocolate in this box. As we have learned to expect all the other props are very high quality and look very realistic, such as the newspaper clippings or the ski tag.

Dispatch On The Run Box 7 contained

  • Ski tag
  • Chocolate bar
  • Bank receipt
  • Flyer
  • Letters
  • FBI agent notes
  • Newspaper articles

Dispatch On The Run Box 7 unboxing Dispatch On The Run Box 7 unboxing Dispatch On The Run Box 7 unboxing  Dispatch On The Run Box 7 unboxing

In the final box there are way less physical clues, but more information online so you will need internet access. The series overall was very fun, and we were all satisfied with the conclusion of the series. We can’t wait to try the next series Dispatch creates as we are hooked.

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