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Dispatch Unboxing - Puzzle Subscription Box

Dispatch is a subscription box where you need to solve a mystery. Dispatch allows you to have the same puzzle solving that you love in escape rooms from the comfort of your home. The box is produced by Breakout Games, who make exceptional escape rooms in 21 states in the USA.

Dispatch Unboxing - Puzzle Subscription Box

Each month you are sent a new Dispatch box where you solve a piece of the mystery. The story is told through several boxes, and presently they are doing the On The Run Series. In On The Run the story has everything you would hope for in a good mystery story – murder, romance, and scandal.

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In Dispatch’s On the Run series your best friend goes missing, and he is suspected of killing his wife a famous heiress. In the first box, your primary goal is to locate your friend, before you move onto box 2. The game is designed so that it can be played solo, or with friends.

Dispatch Unboxing - Puzzle Subscription Box

We were blown away by the professional quality of all the items within the box which greatly surpassed our expectations. When you open the box there is a useful list of everything that should be in the box, so you don’t need to worry about missing a clue.

Dispatch Unboxing - Puzzle Subscription Box

Within the first box, you’ll find your journal, your speech for the wedding, the wedding invitation, tabloid magazine covers regarding the wedding a detective business card which you can email if you are stuck at any point in the game. If you need an answer to a problem right away, there is also a Facebook group where you can ask other players for help and get faster replies.Dispatch Unboxing - Puzzle Subscription Box

The first challenge after figuring out how to open the box (it is hot glued together) is sorting through all the information to find the first clue. There is an overwhelming about of information regarding the story, so you need to do some sleuthing to discover the first puzzle. To play this game, you will need access to the internet to solve several clues as there are websites related to the story online.

Dispatch Unboxing - Puzzle Subscription Box

Playing the game with a team of 4 people it took us a little over an hour to solve the first box. The amount of content for the storyline is outstanding, and you genuinely do feel like a detective learning more about the situation and all the people involved. With a team of 4 there was always plenty for each of us to do, as there is tons of information to read and look for clues, so dividing it up among several people worked well.

While at first there is a lot of content to sort through, we quickly learned how to play the game, and everything moves smoothly and logically.


Dispatch Unboxing - Puzzle Subscription Box


The subscription cost $24.99 a month plus shipping and provided fantastic value. Not only were the objects in the box beautiful, but our team was very entertained for over an hour making it much cheaper than going to a movie or even an escape room. Plus once you are done, you could easily lend the box to someone else to try.

The first box left us highly intrigued by what the second box will bring and how the story will progress. We couldn’t be happier and more excited. Dispatch is our favorite subscription box so far for 2018!

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