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First Look Organics unboxing

First Look Organics is an organic food subscription box. Each month you get 8-12 food and snack products selected by a certified nutritionist and delivered to your home. Inside the box, only the highest quality products are included that have no high fructose corn syrup, chemical preservatives, artificial flavors, trans fats or hydrogenated oils. Available as a one-time purchase box, or a regular subscription box ($31.99 a box)

In our First Look Organics box there was:

  • banana crisps
  • pumpkin seeds
  • hazelnut energy bites
  • raw walnut butter
  • Mexican fiesta flax crackers
  • almond cocoa nibs
  • chalice spice
  • vanilla macaroons
  • assorted nuts
  • 2 packages of lemongrass and green tea
  • blueberry bar
  • strawberry mint vinegar
  • hemp protein powder

First Look Organics unboxing

banana crisps & pumpkin seeds

First Look Organics unboxing

hazelnut energy bites, raw walnut butter & Mexican fiesta flax crackersFirst Look Organics unboxing

almond cocoa nibs, chalice spice & vanilla macaroons

First Look Organics unboxing

assorted nuts, lemongrass and green teaFirst Look Organics unboxing

blueberry bar, strawberry mint vinegar & hemp protein powder

First Look Organics unboxing

We were overwhelmed with how outstanding the products are inside the First Look Organics box. Everything was delicious and was the perfect way to ensure we always had healthy snacks on hand. Our favorites were the vanilla macaroons and the huge bag of the hemp protein which we have been adding to our breakfast smoothies.

If you live in Canada, we highly recommend trying First Look Organics. It is an easy way to help support your healthy lifestyle with regular healthy snack deliveries.

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