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Get Obachan: A Japanese Subscription Box

Get Obachan is a monthly Japanese lifestyle subscription box that sends you beautiful Japanese-made items such as traditional ceramics, textiles, prints, toys, and homewares. Each box contains a mix of 5+ high quality traditional and modern Japanese items. Get Obachan is $35.99 a month (with additional savings if you subscribe for 3 or 6 months) and ships worldwide.

Get Obachan: A Japanese Subscription Box

Our Obachan box contained

  • An omikuji (lucky charm) of Fukurokuji – god of wisdom and longevity who is one of the Seven Lucky Gods
  • A Mount Fuji magnet
  • A Mount Fuji mini letter setter
  • Pochi bukuro envelopes (used to give money as a gift or to enclose a message expressing gratitude)
  • Kendama (a traditional toy)
  • 2 Bizen sake cups

Get Obachan: A Japanese Subscription Box

toyGet Obachan: A Japanese Subscription Box


Get Obachan: A Japanese Subscription Boxmagnet and stationary Get Obachan: A Japanese Subscription Box

Bizen pottery

Get Obachan: A Japanese Subscription Box

I was overjoyed to open my Get Obachan box and find 2 Bizen cups within it! It just so happens when I lived in near Bizen/Imbe in Okayama Prefecture which is famous for their pottery (a style that is over a 1000 years old and one of Japan’s earliest forms of pottery). I used to love to visit the town to collect the ceramics, meet the artists and see the galleries.

Are you interested in Japan? If so, this is a Japanese subscription box worth trying! Everything in the Get Obachan box was expertly selected and was perfect for anyone who might be interested in Japan or Japanese culture. For example, if you were new to Japanese culture you could learn about Seven Lucky Gods and practice a traditional Japanese game with the toy. Meanwhile, people who already have a love of Japanese culture will adore the hard to find items like the traditional pottery.

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