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La Box Que D'Adore unboxing

La Box Que D’Adore is a Parisian themed subscription box that sends you a variety of trendy products.  Inside the box which features a different beautiful artwork each edition, you can find beauty products, health products, beverages, and other Parisian inspired products. The subscription is €24.90 (approximately $29.30) and ships every two months.

Our La Box Que J’Adore included:

  • Eyelash curler
  • Sparkling wellness drink
  • Cocktail book
  • Russian tea
  • Face mask
  • Solar tattoo
  • Nail polish
  • Postcard

La Box Que D'Adore unboxing

tea and sparkling beverage

cocktail bookLa Box Que D'Adore unboxing

eyelash curler, nail polish, solar tattooLa Box Que D'Adore unboxing


La Box Que D'Adore unboxing

box cover

While most products are fine if you are English, it is worth noting that everything within this box is French. As such the cocktail book, and all the products descriptions are in French.

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