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Nomakenolife unboxing : Japanese beauty box

Within Nomakenolife Japanese beauty box you can find an assortment of high-quality beauty products. The name of the box “nomakenolife” is a popular phrase used in Japan by people who believe that makeup is essential to their lives. Each box contains 5-7 full-sized beauty products from 6 different categories (skin, body, make up, hair, bath, and tools) chosen for you by their in-house beauty consultant. The subscription cost $29.99 a month and includes free worldwide shipping.

The type of beauty products you can find in your Nomakenolife box includes masks, makeup removers, toners, body creams, nail products, lip gloss, mascara, eyeshadow, shampoos, conditioners, hair styling products, hair treatments, bath bombs, body scrubs, makeup cases, hair accessories etc.

The Nomakenolife Japanese beauty box contained:

  • Color mud pack
  • Metallic lip gloss
  • Profael oil and water essence
  • Honey hand cream
  • Kumawash eye life wash

Nomakenolife unboxing : Japanese beauty box

The included skin mud mask was a fun beauty treatment (each box contained either pink, green, blue or black) that you could paint on the skin and had a light bergamot scent. The leaf green color mud pack contained mugwort essence to moisturize skin along with soybean seed and kihaeda bark extract to help repair the skin.

To help further moisturize your skin there was a large bottle of profael oil and water essence which has a fresh smell of wormwood essence and helps to revitalize your skin. Meanwhile, to help moisturize your hands there was a bottle of honey hand cream which contains honey and aloe juice.

Within this Nomakenolife box, there was a metallic lip gloss in 1 of 3 colors either cute bubbly pink, sweet cherry or devilish queen red. The lip gloss offers bold pi.gmaentation and eye-catching metallic finish which is popular in Japan right now.

Nomakenolife unboxing : Japanese beauty box

Nomakenolife is a fun way to try trending Japanese beauty products. This box is the perfect way to treat yourself or would make a great gift idea.

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