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Oyatsu Box Unboxing

Oyatsu Box is a Japanese snack box that ships from Okinawa, Japan. Offering either a regular subscription or a one-time purchase Oyatsu Box is $29.99 and includes free shipping.

Within the Oyatsu Box you will get up to 14 snacks, 1 drink, and a 1 capsule toy.

Our Oyatsu Box contained

  • Lemon tea
  • Green matcha choco pie (contained multiple packages)
  • Brown sugar and sugar cane cake
  • Chocolate hazelnut wafer biscuit
  • Cotton candy
  • Corn potage senbei
  • Chocolate cream Bon o Bon
  • Classic dagashi puffed candy
  • Kyabetsu taro snack (tastes like nori and brown sauce)
  • Yaokin brown sugar snack
  • Ramune soda gum
  • Spicy cuttlefish snack
  • 1 capsule toy

Oyatsu Box Unboxing

Cotton candy, dagashi, spicy cuttlefish snack

Oyatsu Box Unboxing

Chocolate hazelnut wafer biscuit, Ramune soda gum, sugar cake, Yaokin brown sugar snack

Oyatsu Box Unboxing

Corn potage senbei, Kyabetsu taro snack

Oyatsu Box Unboxing

Chocolate cream Bon o Bon, lemon tea, capsule toy

Oyatsu Box Unboxing

Green matcha choco pie

We love it when subscription boxes contain multiple items so that we can share them with our friends or family. The multiple packages of green matcha choco pies were a huge hit around the office and with our friends.

If you are interested in trying Japanese snacks that you can’t find outside of Japan, Oyatsu Box makes is the perfect solution. In particular, we love that they offer a one-time purchase box which is a great option if you want to give one as a gift or test the box before you subscribe.

Interested in trying Oyatsu Box? Order your first box now.

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