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TokyoTreat Unboxing and Review

TokyoTreat is a Japanese snack subscription box that sends you tons of Japanese snacks each month. For $35 a month you can get 17 premium items including a drink and snack packs designed to share with your friends.

Recently we got our hands on our second TokyoTreat box and was excited to see it was loaded with delicious treats.

Our TokyoTreat box included:

  • Strawberry shortcake Pepsi – strawberry shortcake flavored Pepsi
  • Ultimate muscle chocolate wafer – a crunch chocolate wafer
  • Strawberry barley puffs – strawberry flavored barley puffs
  • Maroyaka milk chocolate strawberry party pack
  • Umaibo shrimp mayonnaise – shrimp and mayonnaise snack
  • Ice cream lolly – ice cream flavored lollipop
  • Pretty cure DIY shake milkshake – make a strawberry milkshake
  • Rose x berry tablet – will make your breath smell like roses and berries
  • Koikeya sour plum chips – ume flavored chips
  • Ginza rusk strawberry – a crunchy cookie with a smooth strawberry filling
  • Lotte pie no mi sweet strawberry chocolate – a strawberry filled snack with a pastry exterior
  • Cola flavored sour long gum – a sour cola candy
  • Sakusaku chou choco bags – crispy puffs filled with chocolate
  • Chocolate bar Z – chocolate snack bar

TokyoTreat Unboxing and Review

Rose x berry tablet, strawberry barley puffs & ultimate muscle chocolate wafer

TokyoTreat Unboxing and Review

Sakusaku chou choco bags TokyoTreat Unboxing and Review

Ice cream lolly, chocolate bar Z, Umaibo shrimp mayonnaise & cola flavored sour long gum

TokyoTreat Unboxing and Review

Ginza rusk strawberry & Lotte pie no mi sweet strawberry chocolate

TokyoTreat Unboxing and Review

Maroyaka milk chocolate strawberry party pack

TokyoTreat Unboxing and Review

Koikeya sour plum chips

TokyoTreat Unboxing and Review

Pretty cure DIY shake milkshake & strawberry shortcake Pepsi

Within this edition of TokyoTreat there were plenty of love-themed snacks, with many of the flavors being either chocolate or strawberry. For those of you wondering why a bottle of Pepsi labeled “Christmas cola” is strawberry shortcake flavored, the answer is in Japan they celebrate Christmas with strawberry shortcake instead of the traditional fruitcake or yule log done in North America.

Some of our top favorites in this TokyoTreat box would be the shrimp and mayonnaise Umaibo and the huge sharing package of Maroyaka milk strawberry chocolates and the delicious Koikeya sour plum chips. The plum chips had a faint taste of ume (the plum used in umeshu – an alcoholic drink or the pickled umeboshi often found in the center of rice in bento boxes).

TokyoTreat Unboxing and Review

If you are looking try unique Japanese snacks, TokyoTreats provides good value for the price. Each box is packed with snacks allowing you to have plenty to eat throughout the month or to share with family and friends.

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