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UmshikBox is a Korean food subscription box where you can get Korean snacks or ramen sent to your home each month. In the snack box, you are sent 3-4 pounds of Korean snacks (approximately 35 snacks), while the RamyunBox contains 7 to 10 noodles. The snack box is $44.95 a month and the RamyunBox is $34.95.

Our UmshikBox RamyunBox contained

  • Pho rice noodles
  • Namja ramen
  • Stir-fried kimchi ramyun
  • Anchovy Kal Guk Soo
  • Sogokimyun
  • Potato ramen
  • U-Dong noodles
  • Orion Choco-Pie
  • Aloe face mask

Anchovy Kal Guk Soo & Potato ramen


Sogokimyun & Stir-fried kimchi ramyun

U-Dong noodles & Namja ramen

Orion Choco-Pie & Aloe face mask

Pho rice noodles

Each RamyunBox aims to have a mixture of noodle types and our box certainly had a nice variety. Not only did the box have a good variety of noodle types such as ramen, rice noodles and potato noodles there was also a diverse flavor range from spicy to mild. From spicy kimchi ramyun with soft noodles to mild potato ramen with chewy noodles each noodle package was unique.

In addition to the food, there was also an aloe face mask perfect for relaxing and a sweet choco-pie cake.

If you love all types of noodles from ramyun, udon and pho the UmshikBox RamyunBox would be perfect for you.

Get your UmshikBox today.

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