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Yum Yum Candy Box, as you might expect from the name is a candy subscription box. The Canadian subscription box sends you delicious candies from around the world that are hard to find in stores. This subscription box ships worldwide and the subscriptions start at $23.99 a month for the I-Joy box (7+ candies), and the We-Joy box is $36.99 (12+ candies).


Side note: On the front page of the Yum Yum Candy Box there is a typo on the front page, where the blue We-Joy box is listed as the I-Joy box, but click on the blue box and you will be taken to the page for the We-Joy box which contains more candy.

In our We-Joy Box there was:

  1. Orange smarties
  2. Hi Chew apple
  3. Sweetarts mini chews
  4. Black Jack
  5. Butterfinger cups
  6. KooldAir Jamaica-Blue Raspberry Lemonade
  7. Lucas Bom Vasp
  8. Sweet Bananas x2 bags
  9. Lion Bar
  10. Skittles Brightside
  11. Pineapple and grapefruit soda
  12. Charleston chew chocolate
  13. Snickers Wimpy?
  14. Milkyway Midnight Dark
  15. M&M snack mix
  16. Smarties gummi candy
  17. Mentos delight

When we first opened the box we were extremely impressed as there was way more candy in the box than promised. Aside from the Kool-Aid and M&M, all the candies in the box were all new treats that we couldn’t easily get in a store or had never seen before. Plus the top of the box had a handy list of everything in the box, what country it comes from and what the treat is which we found super handy. So we certainly felt the box on the first impression exceeded our expectations.


The problem is this box was delivered in the middle of August and was left in my mailbox. Despite it being there for only a few hours until I got home, everything inside the box was melted. On top of that, the smarties box was already opened too. So it was a big mess of chocolate and broken smarties. We were devastated as there was this amazing box of snacks we wanted to try, but they were wrecked from poor shipping. Needless to say, because of the content in this box, you need to order it only in the fall and winter or hope Yum Yum Candy Box changes there shipping method.


We’ve contacted Yum Yum Candy Box to inform them about the problem, and will update this article if changes have been made to the shipping method. For now, we suggest using caution if you want to order this subscription box while it is still hot outside.

Update: We’ve heard back from Yum Yum Candy Box and they are looking into new shipping methods.


Curious to try Yum Yum Candy Box? Order it now.

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